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Your full service optometry clinic in Deep Cove, North Vancouver.

Our Mission: to be the most trusted Optometric provider of Family Medical Eye care and Custom fitted Lenses, for life!

At beautifulEyes Optometry in the Cove,  we provide  Preventative Eye Care exams. Our exams   involve more than just helping you see 20/20.  Many systemic diseases can be diagnosed from the eyes and we routinely treat urgent ocular conditions as well as co-manage  Diabetic and Hypertensive patients with  Family doctors to  ensure  optimal eye health and wellness.

We welcome new patients of all ages from infant-toddlers to seniors. The BC Association of Optometrists recommends a child’s first eye exam before the age of 3 to ensure early visual problems are corrected at a young age. Our infant-toddlers exam ensure that your child has reached their visual developmental milestones and free of early childhood eye disease. For school aged children, BEO’s routine exams are light, fun yet comprehensive to offer your child a head start for successful learning throughout their school years. With advancing age, we can help with diagnoses and treatment of chronic dry eye disease, early detection of glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration.

North Vancouver Optometrist Clinic

We also specialize in Myopia prevention, offering various modalities to slow a child’s nearsightedness from increasing using specialized: eyeglass or soft contact lenses, ortho-k/corneal shaping, and practical consults from the latest myopia prevention techniques.

At BEO, we offer custom fitted HD spectacles that include medical lens treatments for better visual comfort on computers and protection from harmful High Energy Violet (HEV) light  exposure found on all LED Digital Devices.

BEO- Personalized eye care for Life!