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Lensbox Webstore

Welcome to  Lensbox  Webstore! 

Important Update Regarding Your Contact Lens Subscriptions and Coupon Code!  
Please visit us at: 

Dear Valued Patient, 

 As optometrists, Drs Shum and Wong are passionate about the eye health and safety of their patients.  We also care deeply about saving our patients money, and delivering excellent service in every visit and business transaction. As such, we are excited to announce our new partnership with Lensbox™, Canada's most trusted, optometry-owned online contact lens e-commerce platform.  


Lensbox™ is a rapidly growing online contact lens provider,  offering the guaranteed lowest-prices on contact lenses in Canada.  Lensbox™also offers shipping anywhere in Canada. But what makes us most excited about becoming a Lensbox™ partner, is their subscription rewards program. Each time you order your contact lenses through us at Lensbox™, you accumulate rewards points, which you can redeem on gift cards from Sephora, EB Games, Home Depot, etc.  


We chose to partner with Lensbox™, because their mission aligns with ours and using this platform allows us to truly go the extra mile to ensure your prescription is validated and that your eye health is never sacrificed as a trade-off for affordable contact lenses. Lensbox™ replaces our previous outdated webstore  platform which is now  closed.

If you are a current webstore customer and you want to continue your service with us, you do not have to do anything at this time (THERE IS NO ACTION REQUIRED), as we have migrated your  contact information to the new platform. Once we have completed this process, you will receive an email welcoming you to Lensbox™, with a welcome coupon on your first order, which saves $10.00 when you use this coupon code at check-out: (BEO2019).  

Thankyou for your continued loyalty and support! 

*Note: Your privacy is our top priority, so if you are not interested in us transferring your account over to our new online store, please notify us via email and we will follow-up with an alternative plan to continue providing you with your contact lenses. 


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